Friday, November 18, 2005

Alltournative ecotours give travelers a first hand look at the beautiful Mayan culture and landscapes

When you’re on vacation in the Riviera Maya, one of the best ways to experience the destination is by learning about its rich culture and beautiful landscapes first hand. We’ve had some great experiences with Alltournative, a company that offers expertly planned tours and exciting adventures that provide travelers with the opportunity to interact with genuine Mayan communities and the spectacular outdoors.

For your viewing pleasure, here are some pictures and testimonials from the group that went on one of Wednesday’s (November 15th, 2005) snorkeling expeditions:

“Everything was beautiful, even after the hurricane we had a great time.” (Maureen Raitz and Ronald Gretz Jr., USA)

“We loved everything, I want to come back next time. Friendly people, great food, and we felt safe. We’ll see you next time with friends.” (Dawn Curtin and Amy Edginton, USA)

“This was an amazing experience. The tour guide was excellent and we would do again, and again, and again.” (Vanna and Onno Mellema – Canada)

“Even after Wilma things are beautiful, with warm water, warm sun, great food and excellent service. COME TO THE RIVIERA MAYA.” (Ken and Conniis, USA)

Unaffected by Hurricane Wilma, Alltournative continues to run daily tours through the area and is a great option for any visitor who wants to really explore and experience the Riviera Maya.

(All photos courtesy of Alltournative)


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