Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mexico’s top cruise destination welcomes cruise ships post-Wilma

This week, residents and visitors of Cozumel are celebrating the arrivals of the first cruise ships since Wilma with a week-long celebration called the “Festival del Mar Caribe,” or “Caribbean Sea Festival.” Over the next few days, tourists arriving on a total of 12 passenger cruise ships will dock in Cozumel’s port to a fan fare of cultural music, dance performances, local artisans, roving mariachi bands, street vendors and a personal welcome letter from Cozumel mayor Gustavo Ortega.

Cozumel is Mexico’s, and the western Caribbean’s top cruise port; and, true to form, the friendly people of Cozumel will continue to share their warmth and hospitality with the thousands of guests arriving each day.


At 7:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I work as a port lecturer on a cruise ship. We stopped in Cozumel on Thanksgiving, November 24th. I am thankful that this cruise port pulled together and rebuilt their stores, restaurants, and hotels in such record time. The only thing that is not functional are the piers. However, the tour operators and ferry operators are doing an amazing job of getting all cruise ship passengers to and from the ships in record time. The tender service ran like clock work on the day we were in port. However, the efficiency truly depends on the ships operation as much as the tender operators. Our ship is run well, others have not been so successful. SO expe t to wait a half hour or so to get into port. However, that is the worst of it.


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