Friday, May 19, 2006

Riviera Maya Journal # 3 - Xel-Ha - Larry Widen

With attractions such as the underground Mayan Cave, Dolphin Swim, and unlimited snorkeling in the huge inlet, Xel-Ha is truly one of the world’s most amazing natural water parks. It's a 190-acre natural aquarium with more than 75 kinds of marine life for visitors to encounter. It's not unusual to see hundreds of brightly colored tropical fish while snorkeling around the inlet. At Mundo Delphines, the Dolphin World, participants spend a full hour in the water with these amazing animals. Xel-Ha has 17 highly trained and extremely visitor-friendly dolphins that will swim right up under a swimmer’s hand and beg to be petted.

Other activities include the ability to feed the dolphins and be taken for a wild ride around the lagoon on their backs. This up-close and personal encounter with these gentle, intelligent animals is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Xel-Ha has several nice restaurants and areas where visitors can relax in the sun after swimming or eating. Be sure and visit this natural amusement park during your vacation.


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